set up

what is your set up for all of your unicycles and what would you change.

mine is
MUni-trials: 07 dx 24in, stock wheel longer dx cranks, small block 8 set up as tubless, crank bros 50/50 pedals, stock seat post, and kh freeride seat. i would change the tire it is good for everything but snow and mud. any ideas?

lerning-play: sun 20in, stock wheel and old trials wheel, stock cranks and my old dx ones, kenda small block 8 on both wheels, cheap welgo pedals, stock seat post and seat. i would change seat and pedals.

if you have a picture of them post that to if you want

also bought a 70s unicycle

Theres a couple of other threads like this already in the “unicycle product reviews” forum, have a look there :slight_smile:

You already posted it in “Unicycle product review”, you dont need to post it twice.

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