"Server is to busy try again later"

isnt this happening alot more latly?

sometimes it lasts for an hour,is someone stealing bandwidth?this didnt happen awile ago at all.

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Is this a problem you are having with the unicyclist.com site? It used to happen to me quite often, but it hasn’t happened in a while.


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yes,this site.i know im not the only one.

Re: “Server is to busy try again later”

It seems to be happening more lately. I’ve been meaning to ask about this in the “requests” forum but haven’t gotten around to it.

Gilby is the one who would know what is going on. I don’t know if it’s a problem with MYSQL not being able to handle the number of simultaneous visitors, a limitation of the vBulletin software, or some other issue with the server.

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Since groundless speculation is one of my hobbies, I’ll guess it is not a simultaneous visitor issue, at least if by that you mean visitors to unicyclist.com or RSU. My informal observation of number of folks online in the forums lately is that it seems to be decreasing, not increasing. I’ll lay my wager firmly on “some other issue with the server”. Failing that, my fallback position is “user error”. :sunglasses:

Re: “Server is to busy try again later”

Same with me too. I don’t know about Andrew Carter had the same thing with me. Yeah! I did get the message saying “The server is too busy, Try again later”. If I hit the Refresh button on my Toolbar In IE6 It’s sometimes either be The server is slow or what. That’s what happen yesterday when I put a new thread in Just Conversation on Delta Goodrem and it just went to that screen what I mention. Well thanks Jagur for that, I was going to do the same thing for that you just did. Thanks Mate.


I don’t think it’s to do with how many people are on, but maybe how much information they are using. When people post those really huge pictures it would use more bandwidth especially when a few people view them at the same time. I am not sure if the gallery uses the same server or not, but I suspect that could have something to do with it as well, if people are downloading or uploading video files and pictures. I have only ever had to wait a minute or two at the most, and on 28k I am used to being patient. I have never seen 63 users online at once, so that supports Tom’s claim about the numbers of users decreasing. At least it was working when you posted eh Jagur?

I think it’s the capacity of the server. If the server is shared with other applications (e.g. other forums), it is not necessarily a problem caused by unicyclist.com. But probably only Gilby knows what else is on the server.


That message is shown when the server load get above 8. The server load is the average number of processes actively running over a period of time (in this case we use 1 minute).

On this server, there are 4 things that use the most resources. Those are:

  • E-mail - too much spam coming in and too many spams being bounced to nonexistent or slow servers. I also installed some procmail recipes to delete common viruses that come in through email, so this probably causes some more load.
  • Unicyclist.com - many users and usually the posting of new messages takes up more resources
  • TinyURL - a lot of accesses, but it's pretty efficient (one or two SQL queries and the user is on their way, whereas, these forums have about 20 SQL queries per page).
  • Another site that has a poorly written perl script

In any case, I’ll probably get another server to put unicyclist.com on.

Twenty SQL queries per page! Wow! I’d love to see that software, where is this available?

TinyURL – this is a neat service, is this your design?

Btw, server load, as measured by the number of processes running can be misleading. The %cpu usage helps a lot, but the number of processes could indicate that the os is switching between too many processes, thus increasing system cpu at the expense of user cpu. As long as the number of processes allowed is determined from experience, you can get max use of the server, without sacrificing too much on user experience.

The only thing I have noticed being slow is inserting new posts. This is acceptable. Not being able to get my fix of reading new posts is less so, but this is a great service, well maintained and provided free of charge.

I think a ‘Gilby for President’ campaign should be started soon to get our Country on a similar track.

It’s vbulletin. Having that many queries isn’t a good thing from a performance view, but it’s the result of having many features.

Yup. It was created based on a need for this site (the newsgroup<–>forum gateway).

It’s the standard load averages calculated on *nix systems. Here’s another definition for it: “This value indicates the average number of processes that are ready to run, but are waiting for access to a busy CPU.” Basically, the CPU usage would be 100% when the instantaneous value is above 1

I think the campaign already started… though I’ll probably reject the nominations. :wink:

I always thought you were a great guy for providing the unicyclist.com site, but I didn’t realise you were the guy behind tinyurl.com. That is such a useful site, I use it regularly. Do a quick search on groups.google.com for tinyurl.com and you get over 200,000 responses. Looks like you’ve saved a lot of people a lot of time Gilby :slight_smile:

Have fun!