Sequence Photos

Here is my first attempt at making a sequence photo.

Please share your stitched/Sequence.
I took the pictures and edited them together, the rider is my brother Bryan.

Nice effect!

How’d he get so much air? Is it effects, or did he jump up that high from the tire?

totally sweet man!
I think each one is too close together though…make like one less person total.

I think it looks like he’s jumping off the small one behind him, but he’s actually jumping off the bigger one beside him, so he’s not getting as much air as it looks.

all of the positions that he is in are correct, it is just multiple ones overlayed. I agree that the ending is to close to each other. I am going to try to make one of a stair set jump, so then they wont overlap as much.

You can see the orignal picture and lots more here:

Thats pretty cool, I don’t really think the orange/ black seat, blue bumper and frame and green pedals go together very well…but at least its colorful;)
Those tires look like alot of fun.

This one is less cluttered:

That explains it, Thanks.

That looks pretty cool.

How does one go about making this effect? can you use a video camera as well?

I did one ages back, of Joe Rowing riding over a see-saw whilst on a muni ride.

Not on a unicycle, but there’s a nice sequence of me doing a forward roll whilst doing fire staff here, but it’s not stitched together, just the separate pictures.


29er vs 36…

go check out some of mine
any questions let me know :open_mouth:

how exactly do you do those?

Correct me if I’m way off (because I’ve never made a sequence photo), but I think you could make one in a photo editing program that supports layers (like Photoshop). I think you could just put them on top of each other and make everything but the rider and the background layer transparent.

It made sense in my head.

Thats what it I did. I used fireworks, I going to try one in CS2 soon.

Wow, my head must know what it’s doing.

But to do it do you need a certain type of camera?


Mine has a mode where you press and hold the button and it takes 5 pictures a second. You have to chose before you take it whether you want the first 5 of the last 5. Not sure if its 5 a second or not, but that’s what I remember

Picture doesn’t display.

yeah doesnt appear for me neither

Me either, so I went to his gallery to find it.

Me too, but I didn’t find it.