Semi- rounded?

well here it says that the 20" frame is only available in semi rounded. What does this mean? and does anyone have a picture of what it is?

Im not sure, but i think it means the part that u rest your feet on when you glide :thinking: (i dunno what its called… crown?)

it is silimar to this frame i think

OK, so the horizontal part of the crown is flat just its a rounded bar?

No it isnt, DO NOT buy this frame. Its terrible. The crown actually slopes down on the sides making it impossible to stand on it. It’s basically useless as a freestyle frame… I don’t even know why they ever made it. Why give it a longneck if you can’t even stand on the frame? I ordered one before they started listing it as semi-rounded and sent it back because it was so bad. I’m the reason its labeled now haha.

Lol ok so I guess I will buy this one