Selling my 24" Yuni Muni

I’ve upgraded to a new Muni with a Profile Hub set up, so I’m selling my 24" Yuni Muni. I’ve done a few upgrades to improve over new. Selling for $250 including shipping in US.

New seat cover in green
Miyata Saddle converted to an air seat.
GB4 stiffner plate
Primo Viking seat post clamp.
24" Yuni frame, chrome
plastic pedals
New Bicycle Euro 150 mm steel cranks
Avro Zum Eliminator Rim, it’s wide
24x3 Arrow Racing Prime Wide 2 tire
Suzue 36 hole hub, built by Kovachi

Another picure

Here’s a picture of the wheel.


Re: Selling my 24" Yuni Muni

I sent you an email reply, but it bounced. Please check your
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Hey Jeff,

I don’t think that my email is working, never figured it out. Not sure how to make it work? Did get your message and I sent you a reply.