Selling Complete 36er w/ Nimbus frame & KH parts, includes 2 disc brakes and extras!!

Want a 36er with an awesome MECHANICAL disc brake? Here ya go!

Hey guys,
Selling my touring 36er because I’ve just got a replacement for it. It’s basically a custom-modified Nimbus Nightrider 2012 w/ KH parts. Here are specs:

Nimbus Nightrider frame (double-crown black 2012)
Qu-ax steel seat stem.
Nimbus Gel Seat with brake attachment
Nightrider rim and street tire (barely used - not nightrider XC tire)
Internal disc with custom modified Avid BB7 (latest and best *mechanical disc brake)
Avid BB7 Brake lever with your very own Cary Gray custom wooden “spooner” extension. (brake line is long enough for touring handle, which is not included)
KH 110/127 Moment cranks
Nimbus low-profile pedals.

***EXRAS!! Priced to include these, but not required if you don’t want them.
*Extra disc brake with lever (bengal helix that came w/ the nightrider, fluid is drained and something is wrong with the reservoir, but nothing $25 at a shop won’t fix. It’s free and extra.
*Defender M33 Attachable rear fender
*Spare tube (heavier than the nice Foss tube)
*Spare frame (double-crowned blue Nimbus 2004?) this frame went w/ an older model I had - free for you as a spare. It’s *rim-brake compatible, unlike the black one.

My custom wooden “spooner” brake lever extension
The left KH Moment crank has a small nick out of the inside wall to accommodate for the bulk of the mechanical disk brake. This is small and DOES NOT affect the strength, as I have not only ridden over 2000 miles with fully loaded panniers but even put them on my muni a couple times. **The good news is that I checked it, and it WILL fit with Spirit cranks without making a nick in the side. That is of course with the internal disc brake, NOT with adding a disc to the spirit cranks themselves.

*(cyclometer in picture not included)

Asking $800 obo. (Worth over $1000 with everything) Nimbus Oracle is 850 w/o all these goodies, and KH 36 is 860 w/o even a disc brake! This is a good deal, and it’s all in great shape.
This price includes shipping up to $100, so probably US and Canada only guys.


How much would you sell the blue frame separately for? Also does it have the bearing caps?

Gee, what a tempting package, if only shipping would be cheaper (to austria in this case).
Could you please check the delivery costs to vienna? (i want a 36" so bad and i really love the nimbus nightrider frame)




Blue frame is gone, pending sale. And spare tube is no longer part of the deal. Extras are limited to spare bengal helix hydraulic disc brake (needs repair) and fender. Price is still $800 OBO

Sale Pending

sale pending


Sold! Thanks everyone