Selling: BC wheel plates

My plates are indestructable. Look at these pics.

Maybe be helpful to give a price with the picture?

Heres another at a wierd angle, it looks bent but it’s not.

And after(this is my daddy)…

How much are we talking here and would you be ok for shipping to the UK? What is the best payment method for you?


any one know if this guy still makes these? and like that guy ^^^^^said how much and shiping to uk??

he has one pair left… and I was going to buy them… but i haven’t got a PM back in like, forever.

I did the same tests on mine and they stood up to it.

I know its kinda rude to be threadjacking this but if he isn’t selling any, you should check out my sexy plates.

they are sexy.
hopefully tomorrow i’ll get the chance to send you that there money order.

i didn’t help.

I like halfbike’s plates. they’re shiney.

His look more triangular as well which looks sexy.