Selling 2022 Schlumpf Hub & Nimbus 24” Mountain Unicycle - $2,500

I’m selling:

-2022 100mm-36 hole Schlumpf Geared Unicycle Hub with 160mm disc brake rotor and everything that came with it (> $2,840)

-24” Nimbus Mountain Unicycle - Orange and everything that came with it (> $420)

-135mm Mad4One-Tecno ISIS cranks (> $110)

Total value of > $3,370

None of these items have been used (only been ridden 20ft).

However, I had the Schlumpf hub installed in the Nimbus 24” wheel set and one of the bolts have been stripped while tightening cranks and I can’t undo it (I haven’t tried taking it to a shop).

Spare bolt in kit.

Also, cranks wobble even while fully tightened to hub.

I have not tried another set of cranks.

I am selling everything for only $2,500.

I simply don’t have the motivation to fix it, so I’m cutting my losses and hoping someone else can enjoy it.

That’s quite strange. I have never stripped a Schlumpf bolt so much that I can’t untighten it, although I’m not soft when working on my unis. Have you tried pushing the shaft towards the other crank? It may help in getting a few more mm for the Allen key to get inside the bolt. A bit of WD-40 may also help, but I would do it only as a last try because it may ruin the rotor.

Where are you located? And is this USD?

Thank you

San Francisco, California

Yes. This is USD.

I do recall these new hubs bolts being in my view (and others) pretty soft.

And I think you could easily round it out if you don’t use crank spacers and try and tightening it all the way / to the top end of 55nm as mentioned in the manual.

I do remember that @holyroller removed a rounded schlumpf bolt by using a slightly larger Torx wrench so that that could key into the edge metal and then with some careful hammering you get enough force to wind it out.

But you’d need to get a new axle bolt as the other bolt pictured isn’t a spare - but the bolt used for removing cranks safely.

I’m sure if Jakob buys this it will be fixed in a jiffy.

@Unijesuslopez - just curious. When you say the cranks still wobble / have play. Is that lately to the wheel - and in ends move in and out towards spokes? Or is there play in the direction of normal pedal rotation.

The latter is to be expected and perfectly normal.

Hope this hub finds a new home - sorry to hear you’ve decided geared riding isn’t for you! :heart:


Go to McMaster-Carr and order a bolt extractor.

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It’s very tempting… I must resist! :joy:


Not sure how to delete this post, but this item has been sold.
Thanks to everyone for their help!