Seems to me that this happened last year!

Hi All;

Well I haven’t been on here all that much lately or out on my Unicycle.
And when it comes down to one MAIN reason.

I’ve been sick, then I was sick, then, later on I was sick again… then I
had a cold… then I was sick.

And MAN… have I a looloo of a cold now!

Between my wife and I we have five kids (hmmm… that sounded funny). I
think in the past two months I’ve had a cold or flu from each one of them.

It seems to me that this is exactly what happened last year!

Also in there was a back that went out on me.

Now there’s snow and ice again and I’m not too brave a dude seeing
that the very very first time I sat on a uni I hit my tail-bone on
the pavement.

Anyway… The book that I was creating the cover for “A Time of Trial”
which is a fundraiser for the Red Cross in response to
9/11 is FINALLY coming off the printing press.


Back to unicycling. My Pashley is sitting right at my back door waiting
with the lease to be let outside.

Hopefully soon.

My ears are all stuffed up!

Christopher Grove

Welcome back to the land of the living and the posting, Mr. Groves.