Seeking Unicycling/Juggling in eastern Tennesee/Greenville-Spartenburg /Asheville

Any uni or juggling in eastern Tennesee, or the Greenville-Spartenburg area of South Carolina, or Asheville, NC? I have a buddy in Asheville, NC who wants to encourage his 10 year old son with some skills. He’s noticed the kid likes juggling, and wants to expose him to more.

So for my buddy (a chiropractor), are there any gatherings, or clubs, or kids who enjoy the sport – in these areas??? Who might be willing to share and show some skills?

If you want, you can PM your contact info to me.

Thank you!

i live in marion witch is almost right next to ashville

I would be very suprised if there weren’t any jugglers. if you want I could film some juggling patterns, but alot of people could proabaly do them alot better than me…

Great! And thanks! Check your PMs!

Anyone else around?


See if you can get Chirokid (coincidentally another chiropractor) out of hybernation. I think he’s up around Knoxville TN.

This would not have been possible before this wonderful Unicyclist.Com.

He’s actually NOT a chiropractor–and I cannot seem to get him out of hibernation. PMd him when you posted, still no response…

Got some leads out of this thread, though. Who knows, maybe a few more to come!
This would not have been possible before this wonderful Unicyclist.Com. Thanks Gilby!!!

I live near Asheville. I’ll ride with anyone interested in the area. I juggle too, and used to teach unicycling at the Asheville circus school

Keith is most definitely a Chiropactor. And Billy I am amazed you have friends below that Mason/Dixon Line. Been slumming?:smiley: Keith just outside of Pigeon Forge, TN.

I’m in Knoxville,TN

I know a few other light riders around here and I meet with a local juggling club.

Always good to meet new riders. Anyone can contact me:

Check this out: Asheville Juggling Club.