Seeking guidance on my first uni...

Okay folks, I searched through some of the threads here and have found about a million different opinions on beginner unis, so I figure I’ll muddy the waters just a touch more by starting this thread.

I’m brand spankin’ new to the sport, have never been on a uni in the past, but am determined that I’m going to learn to ride, since it’s something I’ve always been interested in. I’m 5’11", about 210lbs. I don’t anticipate I’m going to be doing any kind of tricks or anything for some time, so really I just need a basic uni that will be good for learning on.

Here’s what I’ve seen thus far, so please offer up any comments (either pro or con on any of these) that might help…

Torker Unistar CX-24" wheel size, steel rim (36 spoke), 300mm seat
post, free uni stand, $125

Torker Unistar LX-24" wheel size, alloy wheel (48 spoke), 300mm seat
post, free uni stand, $145

Dimension Unicycle 24" Street-aluminum wheel, 230mm seat post, $93

Sun 24" Unicycle-either a standard or a flat top, $76

CyclePro Avenir 24" unicycle - $85

So there’s the list so far. I don’t want to spend much more than $150 if possible, and would guess that you get more uni for $145 than you do for $85, but again, that’s why I’m putting it out to those with more knowledge and experience. Frankly if there is a cheaper one that will work fine, I’m cool with that. I’m also willing to shell out the cash for a quality one that will last, but again, don’t need anything that’s specialty right now.

Thanks in advance for any and all insight.

–The new guy

Torker LX. 20" or 24".

+1 on that. :smiley:

The torker lx is without a doubt the best uni on that list by far. The 24" also sounds like a great size.

If you are interested in Torker 24" LX, you can sometimes find deals on the web or on e-bay. Here is one I found in a few minutes online. I know nothing about the seller, so caveat emptor.

hey New Guy, I would also suggest the Torker LX. Compared to the CX it has a much nicer seat, a 25.4mm seat post which is much stronger than the 22.2mm seatpost found on the CX, Stronger frame that is more conductive to learning tricks, and most importantly a much stronger wheel build.

Both the Sun and CyclePro are basically disposable unis. Built out of cheep parts and probably won’t last you long.

I don’t know anything about he Dimension unicycles.

Another unicycle I would look at if I was just getting into unicycling is the Club Freestyle available at UDC. It was designed by unicyclists for unicycle clubs to get good cheep unicycles for their members. It has a standard seatpost unlike the torker LX so upgrading the seat or replacing the post is much easier. The wheel might not be quite as strong as the LX wheel but should be stronger than the CX. It is nice and inexpensive.

I noticed you listed all 24" unis. I think you made the right choice on the wheel size for what you want to do. 20" is nicer for learning tricks but a 24 is nicer for just riding around.

You might want to try 150mm cranks to start out for a bit more control.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


Thanks for all the responses. Due to all the input I’ve decided to go with the Sun (hey, it’s only $76 bucks, right?)

Juuuuuuuuuust kidding. My momma didn’t raise no fool. There’s a brand spankin’ new Torker LX headed my way and should be here early next week. My original plan was to make it a Christmas present to myself, but I doubt very much that I’ll be waiting that long to give it a try.

Again, I appreciate the feedback. And saskatchewanian, I’ll definitely look into those cranks. I’m all about smoothing out the learning curve wherever possible.

Once you are used to riding the longer cranks, switch to something shorter, and youll be cruising along much faster, smoother, and comfortable.

Dont be afraid to post again when you need getting a unicycle specified to a certain riding type.

Have fun on your torker.