Seeking 36" in the UK or South Africa

I am a unicycle retailer in South Africa. I am looking for a good condition 36" unicycle (preferably with fitted brake and touring bar) for one of my unicyclists in Cape Town, South Africa.

He is 13-years old and wants to compete in the Cape Town Cycle Tour - the largest timed road cycle event in the world. His physique is now sufficient to handle a 36er but now needs to put in the saddle time. His parents don’t want to buy a new setup as they are unsure if the execution of the 109km endeavor will be a success. They have asked me to source a 36" setup that can support the undertaking. Unfortunately no-one is SA is ready to release their 36ers.

Mom will be traveling to the UK in July and will fly back to SA with the desired 36er. This will allow for affordability as the South African Rand is weak. They have friends based in the UK and the purchase could be done before their arrival.

The brands I am interested in are KH (ISIS hub), QU-AX (ISIS or Q-Axle) and Nimbus (ISIS).

If anyone has a wheel or knows of one please be in contact.

Keeping it Wheel,

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In the uk there is this nimbus on eBay.
It hasn’t sold as I have just messaged the seller to see if it has.

Howzit, have we been chatting via Facebook today?

Not to my knowledge. Don’t think it’s me

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No nothing to do with me. Just saw in on eBay and responded to enquiry. If you read the eBay advert and the one from FB it seems it’s the seller

Agreed. Thanks for forwarding the link!

Bumping this thread up.
I’m still looking for a pre-loved 36er in the UK. Traveling back to SA in July.
Any offers please message.

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