See my New BC

why do you not look like a gangster? :astonished:

Those plates look like they are really high up(as in close to the bolt) maybe it’s just te picture though.

The website is but I don’t see the plates on there. They look too high up and wide…

the impossible wheel on has GB4 plates

They look closer to the axle than the Bedford ones so probably take much more skill to ride on.


ouch, it has a hookworm on it. Didn’t evan try that tire and say it hurt like hell?

Yeah, that hookworm has evil bumps on it.

Those higher plates wouldn’t make too much difference in actually riding it but it would be really hard to hop up things with that bolt near the bottom of your shoe.

Jagur’s a gangster! Jagur’s a gangster!

that looks fun.

oh how i miss the rain in this dumb dry state of colorado. record breaking highs yesterday(102F) blech.

102? that’s hot. it’s been hovering around 85 to 95 where I live. I still prefer it to rain though. You can’t uni well when its raining…

it has been raining forever here and what tire do you sgest for a bc

13 months old? So I’m guessing this thing was sold like a year ago.

Yeah…Id bet!

something that wont hurt your ankles too much when you brake. most BMX tires are probably fine.

Thread Resurrection by Ducttape.

yep, i sole it to Timmy Braun…

and yes im a Gangsta Gangsta , at the top of the list.

Hurt your ankles? The tire comes no where near your ankles.