See my New BC

first you jump on it.


then you try to stay on.


Nice! Looks like you got it figured out.

You may want to consider a fender to prevent getting an embarrassing road spray stripe. :slight_smile:

BC wheel

GB4 steel plates…14mm axle…48 spokes…K-Rad tyre off my old T-DX


john you devil, sneeking in there durring my post volly.

i got it figured out yeah, i figured out that some postal worker sent it to Salem Massauchssss (SP?) instead of Sallem Oregon. 8 days in the wilderness and they found their way home so all is good…except for GB4’s flooded email acct. :wink:

fender? yeah. it was wet today and the plates are slippry since im fresh out of grip tape but i couldnt wait. im just glad i knew how to ride a unicycle first before jumping on one of these for the 1st time. it was that ol’ suicide mount style feeling on the first leap of contact.

Looks pretty good. I like the look of the photos. How much did you spend on the plates and wheel?

Sweet wheel, and great photos. I’d really love to try one of those!

thanx and yeah the pix are pretty good for a 7 year old eh. my son is the camera man.

Amazing! He has intuition to give the subject room in the direction they’re heading. :slight_smile:

have u ever fell off on ur but and have it just fly down the street? :thinking:

how much were those sweet plates?

I have done that! it sucks so much because I live on the top of a hill so if i fall, i have to get it fast or it will leave without me.:frowning:

I’m still too much of a chicken to try riding a BC wheel. I saw a person fall flat on their tailbone while trying to ride one. Ouch! Obvious pain. Unable to move. Just laid there on the floor. That demonstration confirmed my belief that a BC wheel is not a safe thing to learn how to ride. I’m in no hurry to try a BC wheel (at least not yet).

That is one purdy BC wheel… nice and strong looking… im with john im to much of a wussy…


Re: See my New BC

On Wed, 18 May 2005 03:22:30 -0500, “Bob22b” wrote:

>Amazing! He has intuition to give the subject room in the direction
>they’re heading. :slight_smile:

Or jagur has the intuition to perform suitable cropping. :slight_smile:

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Re: Re: See my New BC

nope,none of those pix were cropped. they are the straight 640x 480 right out of my crap cam.

plates were 40, i got the wheel used from a bmx friend for 50

yeah 3 out of ten are of his thumb though;)

never fell off, but jumped off and yeah they just keep rolling. ive done alot of wheel chasing.

your missing out, its a truly differant rush to go at 36er type speeds without pedaling. i wish i started this a year ago. a welcome change of wheeldom.



Where did you get the plates I am halfway to my BC Wheel I have the wheel I just need the plates

-edit- whoops didin’t realize how old this was. lol

maybe you get the plates from GB4:) I don’t know what their website is though. maybe someone else can post a link.

why do u look like a gangster?