Second hand Unicycle

I want to buy a Unicycle but I dont want to spend a lots of money,
Who sell the second hand of Unicycle, I will buy one but no expensive

I would suggest tracking down a local unicycle club (hopefully there is one near you). They will help give you some good advice and with any luck someone will have a uni they learnt on that is not used anymore, and at a fair price. Steeley :slight_smile:

Kijiji is where I found mine.

There are more unicycles on Kijiji than I expected. Pretty much all 20". You need to low-ball as a lot of people think they can get all of their money back for their slightly used unicycle.

My understanding is that there are a lot of slightly used unicycles avaialble as people purchase then give up.

A lot of Norcos as that’s what’s available in my local bike stores.


ive got an old pashley 26er and a pink 20 inch unicycle for sale how cheap is cheap ?

I have several Schwinn 20" unicycles for sale. Good condition and the “normal” 20 tire size. $100.00 each plus shipping cost.

I also have a unicycle for sale