Seatwrap and Rolling Wrap

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to get the rolling wrap lately. I got really close today, I did everything up until the end when my pedals stopped vertically, so I couldn’t finish. One question I have is, why does the rolling wrap seem easier than the seat wrap? Is it because you have momentum?

Also, I can land seat wraps fairly often, but not consistent. I’d really like to get seat wraps down, but it seems as though whenever I land them, they’re luck. Any tips?

Also, would moments and rollo discs help? I don’t see how rollo discs would help with static flat.

I’m pm’ed a few people on this subject, but I just want to hear it from a broader audience.

Seat wraps were easier for me until I landed my first rolling wrap. The Seatwrap’s difficulty is different for everyone. The only reason that I could imagine why rolling wraps are easier for you, would probably be that when you push on the tire, it is a different form of stability with both feet on the unicycle, and it may be easier to keep balance from the start. That, and the fact that you are rolling might make it easier to adjust your stance.

And the rollos sure would help you out with static flat. It extends the crank. Its almost like a round shelf extension thingy for your foot to stand on. It should help.

EDIT: as for help with seatwraps, try doing half of the wrap, and hopping seat in back for a little while, then wrap the other leg. Try doing it with less and less hops in between the two wraps, until you can do them with no hops.

:thinking: Same with me the only thing i can think of is that when u do rolling your moving so its easier to balance?