Seattle Urban Ride with Mark Stephens

On Wednesday, 6 October, we had the honor of organizing a ride for Mark Stephens who posts as Cokerhead on the RSU forum. Mark is a powerhouse, distance Coker rider from Tulsa, OK. We did an urban ride across the Ballard Bridge, through the waterfront parks to the downtown waterfront, back through the Magnolia neighborhood, down to and across the Hiram Chittenden Locks. We ended with a dinner at Burk’s Cafe, a Cajun restaurant in downtown Ballard where Mark put a tablespoon of Dave’s Insanity hotsauce on his food. Those of us familiar with habenero sauces know better and were thoroughly entertained by the results.

We had an impressive, head turning herd of seven Cokers. The pilots were Mark Stephens, Irene Genelin, Pete Perron, John Childs, Tom Jackson, Steve DeKoekkoek, and myself. Seattle blessed us with excellent weather for some reason. Many photos were taken by people other than me. Hopefully they will post them here.

I am so bummed I could not make it for this ride, but glad that Seattle could make such a good showing for a visiting dig. Pics please!!!

I really want a coker so i could do some of these rides. I live less than a mile away from the locks. I don’t think i could keep up on my little 20 inch torker

Here’s our group pic. I had to do a bit of photo-processing to bring out the riders. The original is back-lit and ended up being a silhouette.

Steve, John, Greg, Mark, Pete, Irene, & Tom.

Steve started a gallery for his photos and John’s HERE . Maybe Irene will add hers to it. I would have caught the pigeon if Tom Jackson hadn’t warned it of my approach.

Mark’s Ride

It was a good day had by all. I’m really glad that the weather cooperated with us. I posted a few pictures from the ride on my moblog:
direct from me to you
Mark, if you are ever in the area again, you know who to contact to Coker with!


Yuck… Powerbar Sandwich… That has to be the dryest sandwich ever. shudder