Seattle Distance Ride - A Writeup

It’s good to see that Tyler really does have a helmet.

What is the Troll?

Yea, I brought it because I didn’t know whether I’d get kicked out if I didn’t.:o Thankfully Greg was the no-helmet trend setter so I had a choice, but I decided to wear it because of the huge amount of traffic 2 feet away from me. I guess if you get hit by a bus a helmet won’t help much, though. :smiley:

A helmet is a great thing to have in case you fall but I have to agree with you about the helmet and the bus.

Which bridge was scarrier? The Aurora or Ballard Bridge?

I haven’t riden Aurora yet, I had forgotten they had added the safety rail, it used to be just a big curb down to the road. Ballard is a little nerve racking when facing traffic, when riding with traffic ignorance is bliss.

Hopefully I’ll get out on a group ride one of these days. But with Ski Season upon us the weekends are pretty busy through March.

Nice write up, Tyler.

I imagine my wife and I will be looking to join some Seattle rides in the future. Zeta and I were in southern Oregon this past weekend, and we rode our uni’s on a smooth gravel road that took us out amongst the coyotes at dusk. I managed around two miles on my 29 with a couple of brief walking breaks - my longest ride to date. Z is getting pretty close to a reliable freemount.

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I just got my favorite ride summed up into one lil 8.5" x 11" frame: