Seattle Distance Ride - A Writeup

The Seattle Area Riders’ Gasworks Park Ride

This ride started out with me wanting to prevent another “Lazy Sunday” because I missed the Seattle Area Riders’ MUni ride last Sunday. I e-mailed all of those Washintonians, and I got a great response with 6 people including me who wanted to go for a nice ride around Seattle.

The drive there from my town, about 1.5 hours away, was really wet but when we got there it was pretty dry (in the air that is; the ground was still wet). The official attendees were Jeff Sloan, Greg Harper, John Childs, Tyler Cox (me), Ruby Sloan (on one of those two wheeled thingies), and Tom Blackwood. I was the only one on a non-geared 29er (Jeff had a Schlumph), but I kept up just fine. In fact, I even led the pack a few times!

We started off from Gasworks park and rode across the first bride, and trust me: you don’t want to look down. The even scarier part is that the rail was low enough that if you UPDed to fast you could go flyind off the multi-hundred foot drop, or into traffic on the other side. Thankfully I did neither! We got to the other side of the bridge and rode through lots of wet, puddley roads and came to a super steep hill.

This hill was no regular hill! It was so steep that even the Coker riders with breaks couldn’t tackle it! Congrats to Jeff who made it most if not all of the way down using his break and Schlumph 29er. I said, “when the people on the forums ask why you need brakes on a Coker, this hill is the answer!” We all made it down with out killing ourselves (walking that is), and rode more.

We came to a dock, and filmed some 29er wheelwalking by Jeff and me and other tricks such as spins by me. I was stupid enough to forget my camera, but Greg, Tom, and Jeff made up for that with their cameras. Speaking of cameras, hurry and make a gallery of those captures! :slight_smile:

The weather was still ok, although it was a little chilly. We traveled over to the lochs and took a video of us idling next to a “Shut of engine, no idling” sign. We pushed the unis through the short route through the lochs, and Greg was a true rebel and rode about 3 feet past the “$2,500 fine for bikes ridden in lochs” sign. :astonished: Let’s just hope no policemen browse this forum! :wink:

After the lochs, we rode through lots of streets (are you detecting the pattern?), and something funny happened: John Childs got stuck between a staggering homeless drunk while Greg, Jeff, and Tom sped ahead with not a clue. :smiley: Thankfully I was able to squeeze past and tell them we had a sandbagger. :slight_smile:

When were nearing the end of the ride everyone wanted beer, so we stopped at a brewery. The ones of legal age drank beer while I ate tater tots and a 1.5 shot mocha. When the waitress asked how many shots I wanted, I told her to surprise me and that’s what I got. :slight_smile: After we were finished chowing, Jeff, Ruby, and Tom left early while Greg, John, and I waited for the bill.

When we walked outside it was raining, but because of the short ride back it wasn’t too bad. We got back, met my dad, and I headed off! :smiley:

Great ride guys, I can’t wait to do it again! Thanks for coming, and especially to Harper for paying for my tots and mocha. :slight_smile:

:sunglasses: Tyler :sunglasses:

Me Too!!!

Sounds like a great ride Tyler. I wish I could go on some nice long distance rides. The only problems are that I don’t know of that many people who ride long distance close by, maybe one? And also I don’t have anything bigger than a 20". Its just usually trial and light Muni for me. Great write up!!!

Edit: Sorry ty, tried to give you some good rep, it said I need to spread the some rep first. Otherwise I would have gave you a positive.

That’s okay, I forgive you 'bout the rep, man. :smiley: Good to see you again, John. Hope you enjoyed the ride and the beer… :slight_smile:

And yea, it would be really tough to keep up on a 20. I was perfectly fine on my 29er because it’s not that much smaller than a 36. I rode next to Greg for a little bit at the same speed and I was only pedaling a lil bit faster. I do feel really fortunate to be semi-close to all these super nice riders and to have a e-mail list for specifically Seattle riders. All of my whining about Seattle’s weather is made up for with you great SARS. (SARS = Seattle Area RiderS)

Nice write-up.

I rode at Gasworks Park a couple years ago when I was in the Seattle area. It has a great view of Seattle but it looked to be a long way to downtown Seattle if that’s where you ended up.

Our meeting place was Gasworks Park, familiar to all viewers of UniVerse, UniVerse 2, and Defect videos. The first feature we came to on the ride was the Fremont Troll where we did a few photo ops. The troll tried to eat Tyler and promptly spat him out. We climbed a set of stairs you’ve all seen Dan Heaton ride down up to our first bridge. The first bridge we crossed was the George Washington Memorial Bridge. That was the big boy at 167 feet above the water. We also crossed the Fremont and Ballard Bridges. I like bridges, they’re visually very busy. In addition we visited Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle and the Hiram N. Chittenden Locks in Ballard. We ended with a visit to the Fremont Bus Stop, “Waiting for the Interurban” where I got a shot of JC and Tyler with the statues. One of the statues came onto JC for some reason, probably his tool collection.

It was a fun ride with JC, Jeff, Ruby, Tom B., Tyler and myself. It stopped raining right before the ride and didn’t start again until we were almost done. I will post photos and video in Tom Blackwood’s gallery when he opens the door to me.

We didn’t go downtown this time but we have done the ride from Gasworks to downtown before. It’s a pretty ride along the waterfront. Get back here and let’s do it. You’ll love it.

Is that next weekend’s ride?

Here’s an approximate map of the ride. The map says about 9.3 miles and my cycle computer says 10.5 so the map is off by a little more than a mile. I’m not sure where that mile went. :slight_smile:

A fun ride along the water and the canal. Three bridge crossings and one locks crossing makes for some nice views.

We really lucked out with the weather. It was raining in the morning and continued raining up till right before the ride. Then the rain and showers held off all during the ride and only started to mist during the very last part of the ride. We really lucked out hitting that weather window. That’s the joys and risks of outdoor recreation around Seattle this time of year.

Any ride that includes a stop at the pub for beer and wings is a perfect ride in my book.

Some pix:

were is jc?

I couldn’t get into Tom Blackwood’s gallery so I posted my photos and Jeff Sloan’s in my TYLER gallery.

JC is here.

Nice, thanks! I’ve just been thinking of giving you all a card or something because you’re so nice it makes me want to…well…do something nice to ya! I’m counting the unknown number of days until our next ride which I hope is soon! I feel so incredibly thankful to be around you awsome friends and riding partners. You people on rec, if you could chose a city to live in next, make it Seattle! Greg, John, Tom, Jeff, Ruby, and all you other SARS…you…

That’s wierd, since I have you permissions, etc. The gallery’s been a bit strange in its behavior the last couple days. Anyway, my photos and vids from the ride are here.

Why don’t you build us a cake?

Good idea. And in keeping with tradition, send out a mail to the group riding list on Wednesday, asking us what flavor cake we think we want to have. That will give us an opportunity to pummel each other by e-mail for a few days before eventually agreeing on a flavor the night before you need to deliver it to us.

If you’re not a good baker, well, you could just buy us this one.

I watched Sugar Rush last night on the food channel…they had an amazing $8,000 cake…I want that one!

Thanks for the invitation. If I ever make it back to the Pacific Northwest I will be sure to lookup you guys.

While I was there, I did connect with Steve DeKoekkoek for a ride in Bellevue and I visited the unicycle club in Edmunds.

Cool, he’s a nice guy. The last time I met him was at the North Bend uni meet, so I haven’t seen him in a while. Whenever I e-mail a ride request, he always has something to do (are you avoiding me, Steve? :wink: ), so I don’t know what he’s up to these days. :slight_smile: