I’ve had a 20” no namer with a hard seat. I’ve been able to sit on it though without squishinh the bits. Recently I picked up a used 26” muni with a qu-ax seat. I was so excited to try a “nice” seat. The thick cushion is comfortable. However, the u shape of the seat is tighter. More like a rounded V shape so even tilting it forward and sitting on the back my bits are squished up front. So now I’m thinking about getting a flat seat. A lot of people on here seam to like the KH seats.

My question is, why the V shape? Are unicycles really any harder to ride with the flatter seats?

And I know there are other threads already but while we’re at it, what’s you preferred seat?

I understand exactly what you’re talking about. I have that same quax seat and it can crush your balls. Flat seats don’t do that, but I think the pronounced curvature and hourglass shape of the quax saddle really does give you a lot of control. You can stand up and pedal no handed and the saddle stays between your legs. I’m finding the more I ride it the less I notice it crushing my junk.

I’ve got a flat udc stadium saddle on my 36er and that never hurts my balls, but I do find that after 3 miles of riding my crotch has gone numb and I am in significant discomfort. I don’t notice that I feel any loss of control with the flat saddle either. I can still do what I’m capable of, but when I ride with the quax saddle it just seems like the saddle is planted between my legs and I don’t have that feeling with the stadium.

I’ve got my eye on the long handled Mad4One saddle myself.

Hey Dan, I believe the flat shape is to engage with the sit bones better trying to emulate a bike seat.
I think that if you have decent riding skills a flat seat is not any harder to ride with.

I’ve tried (in order) several Nimbus seats, a KH Fusion Freeride, a KH Zero, back to a KH Fusion Freeride, a KH One, and then again back to a KH Fusion Freeride.
See the pattern?

I tried both flat seats for about 4-5 months and sure they were OK, but nothing like the Freeride.
The comfort the Freeride provides far surpasses those two flat seats… at least for my ass.

So now taking a move from WeaponizedBacon’s playbook… :+1:
You pay the shipping and I’ll give you a KH Zero seat (with a new front bumper) along with a 27.2mm pivotal post.
I live just north of you, my postal code is V0J 1E0.
The package would measure 7"x14"x5" and weighs 2 1/4lbs (36oz).

Let me know.


I think what Duff describes is true, a curved saddle does feel more secure between your legs. For the most part, I think that is just a feeling, you aren’t going to suddenly slide of a flatter seat, even as a beginner. But if you get in and out of the seat a lot without a hand on it (like freestyle riders would), the curvature does in fact help to keep it located.

Most “advanced” riders will pretty much always have one hand on the seat when riding, so for those I think the curvature (and the “hourglass shape” from the top) is not so important, which is why most “modern” seats will be relatively flat. And flat(-ish) tends to be more comfortable, although of course the exact shape and feel of the foam is still very important.

I like my Qu-ax eleven, it’s fairly comfortable in that it’s not crushing anything, but on longer rides it does induce a slightly numb feeling (I can shift my position enough for that to usually not become a massive discomfort). I’d love to spend some time with a KH Zero/One, it seems like for some people that solves the numbness issue, but others can’t get comfortable on it.
On quick test rides I liked the KH one, but unfortunately I think one has to spend over an hour in the saddle to really find out what it is like.

Try wearing a athletic supporter

@Canoeheadted Well I can’t pass up that deal. I’ll look into the details and get it touch with a PM. Thanks.

@finnspin I’m not quite at the point of riding for an hour yet. Maybe my seat problem’s because I move around too much. :upside_down_face:

@Bug72 That’s sounds even more uncomfortable. And more planning than I get to do regarding when I get to ride. I did end up getting that 26” Muni you were telling me about on a different thread. I’m happy I jumped on it. It’s been fun. Now my wife took my 20” learner from me even though I wasn’t quite done with it.

Glad to hear you picked that up, I’ve been putting some miles on my 26er on the muddy trails. Have fun.
It’s hard to find a comfort zone, I have an air saddle cover over a KH saddle on my 29er, and love it, but I still wear an athletic supporter. I have a nimbus gel saddle on my 26er and usually wear padded cycle shorts when I ride it. . My rides are usually planned and I prep my self for comfort.