Seats for long distance coker riding

I’ve just been reading the 100 mile riders thread. Now I have 2 goals - next year the Manchester-Blackpool ride. And after that 100 miles in a day. So I was wondering what kind of seats you use when you ride these distances? Does everyone have an air seat?



Ps I don’t mean ‘after that’ as in on the same day. Just incase you thought I was being silly.

try a gel, try an angle, try custom foam, and try air… its the only way to know exactly whats best for your bum as eveyone has a different one.

I’d need an armchair grafted atop the seatpost before I would consider 100 miles in a day. Initially that was mean’t as a joke, but on reflection: do we really have the best seat designs?


The design that both Lars Clausen & Gracie Sorbello use is described as follows. … all I know is that long distance cyclists love this seat. It’s a sewn cover around a 12" inner tube, totally wrapped in polar fleece to avoid abrasions and wearing of the tube. You can try it out with a 12" wrapped tube, inflated to firm, and then for starters, just duct tape it to your seat. Let me know what you think after your next 30 mile ride. Lars

Thanks to the input of Lars Clausen and Keith Cash, one-wheelers who have done the coast-to-coast gig, I was able to put together an amazingly comfortable seat; the phrase “I feel your pain” had returned to its literal meaning. Gracie
Appearently, this is the design that doesn’t make long distance riders end their day in tears :o

I really consider this a good idea (specially the “arms” of the armchair: there were previous attempt at this and I consider those design could be enhanced)

What muzzle said.

Personally I woudn’t ride an airseat for any sort of distance.

I use a carbon KH/Fusion with cut down foam and either a GB or Std KH handle. Works great. But I think a gel in the same configuration would be even better.

I’m convinced that one’s weight has something to do with it. I’ve been riding days a week now for a number of months and I still get sore ( I call it “hot sack”) after about 10 miles. Actually I feel uncomfortable at about 5 miles and take a few minute break then get back on. When i get near 10 I’m looking for the shortest route home. I’ve tried repositioning the seat, different bike shorts, and other little tidbits but none of it has amounted to much. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is chamois cream and it’s only because I’m in doubt of it’s ability as the “miracle cure”.

Being a very heavy lad in the sport of unicycling I’m beginning to think that there may be excessive downward force into the seat which is my primary issue, so I’m going to go down that route and start a distance vs weight chart for myself. I figure it wont hurt none and I’ll benefit from the loss anyway. We’ll let you know how it goes.

The problem is more often to do with chaffing and stretching of the skin than just the weight on the sit bones. I ride quite long distances on a standard Miyata. I did 55 miles in a long day last year, and found that removing my shorts and only wearing my cycling longs helped everything to er… fall into place more comfortably.

So put some thought into what you wear, and how you sit.

And remember, it’s a game, not an endurance test.

Good luck with your two objectives, Cathwood. The hardest part of a long ride is sometimes finding a worthwhile and safe route that’s long enough.

I use a standard velo/kh seat. Not perfect, but the best available right now. An airseat is not ideal as it tends to evenly distribute pressure, which for guys is not a good thing in some areas. Might be a different consensus among women. However, you could use some tape on an airseat to fix some of the tube to specific areas and make it have less pressure in some areas.

Butt butter does help prevent rubbing, whether it’s lube from the family planning section of your local store, or cycling specific cream from a bike shop.

I don’t have a problem with chaffing, perhaps it’s a girlie thing, or perhaps I’ve never ridden far enough.

I have been researching cycle shorts for a while now and found a pair that fit fantastic and have really good padding. I bought the 2 pairs that were on sale in the cycle shop.

You’re right about the route. Even thinking about where I could go on a 40 mile ride is difficult (I don’t like riding on actual roads, even on my bike).

Actually I find my gel saddle quite comfortable and feel that with practice and the slightly shorter cranks, I will be able to ride further on it before I have to walk briskly for a few yards to let the blood reach the parts that it doesn’t reach when I’m riding.

Trapper - I’m also not a particularly slender unicyclist. Still, perhaps if I manage my long distances, I will become more slender (although no sign of it so far).

So - distance training, speed training and saddle training.


I’ve never had a problem with chafing; I’ve tried Butt Butt’r but I can’t say I actually noticed any effect. I find it’s just a problem of weight on places that weren’t designed to have weight put on them for long periods of time. The curved design of KH seats doesn’t seem to help the distribution of weight in a comfy manner.

After Rob’s post about seat angles I think my next ride is going to be an experimental one to try out different angles; I have mine set back as far as it will go, thinking that the flatter rear will provide more support, but maybe it’s not as simple as that.


Try shorter cranks for less chafing too

I remember in another thread there was mention of cutting a groove in kh seats.

I was thinking of trying this as I have found that certain pants that have a more defined seam in the crotch tend to give me more pain more quickly, but if I had a groove that would probably eliminate that and generaly relieve my urethra of pressure.

Does anyone know the dimentions and correct location of this groove? I want to do it but I don’t want to be hacking up a pretty Gel seat.

I have a few pictures of my channeled KH seat in my gallery.
Scroll down to the bottom.

I believe the next generation of KH Fusion seats are going to have a molded in channel and also be dual density foam. When those come out I’ll likely get one and try the same style of seat mod as my exiting KH seat mod (cutting a wedge out of the front).

I like my modified KH seat for Coker riding. I’m able to handle more saddle time than with my air seat. I found the air seat to be more comfortable for short rides (less than 10 miles). But for longer rides the modified foam seat gives me more saddle time.

I’m still not able to do 30+ mile rides in comfort. I’ll have to play around with some more ideas. I just tilted my saddle up one more notch and I’ll see how that changes things. I’m thinking about doing a 30 - 40 mile ride tomorrow.

don’t you have the $500 scott wallis road relief saddle??

Yes, he does (but the saddles themselves aren’t $500). I need to get that boy over here and see what his problem is.:wink:
There are a lot of variables and it can be difficult to get them sorted out. And, some people will be sensitive to the pressure that unicyling puts on their crotch and sitbones no matter what seat they use. From his description it sounds like more of a friction/chaffing issue than pressure. But, Trapper doesn’t give up so I am sure he will work through the discomfort issues and start achieving his mileage goals.


I think that it’s highly unlikely there will ever be seats designed for women.


Does anyone else use Assos cream for long rides? I find it pretty good but then I’ve never used butt butt’r. Is there anyone about who can give a comparison?

Yeah, what he said. :slight_smile: I’ll find the answer. It’ll just take some time.