Seatpost suspension- opinions?

Does anyone actually ride with a suspension seatpost? The only person I know of with suspension in his seatpost is George Barnes. I wonder whether the compression of the suspension would have an odd effect on the ride characteristics of a uni. By this I mean that the distance from the seat to axle changes on compression and rebound. I guess, like most things, its something that you could get used to.

Which form of seatpost suspension is better - the vertically travelling RockShock or the parallelogram elastomer dampened Thudbuster? (See for pix.) My guess is that the Thudbuster would have less ‘sticktion’ than the RockShok and would be more responsive/active suspension.
I wonder how well the Thudbuster would stand up to all the side-to-side twisting that a unicycle is subjected to, when it is designed to move in one direction only on mtn bikes.

Any ideas/comments/thoughts/red herrings welcome!


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The only thought I have is that you can only use one if your legs are long enough. GB has plenty of room!

Years ago, I thought I remember reading that you could take apart the thudbuster and then rebuild it so it is upside down and somehow that would make it fit into the down tube easier or something like that.

Time may have altered my memory, though. Just tryin to help.

I can’t understand why anyone would want seatpost or frame suspension for a muni. Personally I stand up for anything rough and have never felt the need for suspension when sitting down. I reckon any suspension that’s responsive (probably the wrong word to use) enough to do anything on not-too-rough ground would be unaccepably weak.


I think Kris Holm uses a suspension post. I could be wrong though, i think i can just barely remember him mentioning this once.

I vaguely remember John Foss saying he has a thudbuster on one of his unicycles (in the Uni-count thread). When are some real suspension users going to reply to this thread? I am curious too. I contemplated it, but decided I wouldn’t need suspension, as there is plenty of flex in the tire and airseat, which act a bit like shock absorbers anyway. The thudbuster seems to take a huge amount of room under the seat, like U-turn says, I think you’d need long legs for it to be feasable.