seatpost sizes on trials

hello everyone,
i had a question about seat post size.
on a trials, many people say to have ur seat lower than normal.
i think i could do a 300 but i dont know if i could lower it enough for trials.
should i get a 200?
im 5 foot 5 inches, 115 lbs and 15
thank you, troy

Buy the longest, and use a saw to cut it down gradually to your preferred length.

For trials you want a high seat, well for SIF trials you do. Street and SI trials you want it real low. You need to be more specific.

I’m sure if he was a good enough rider to be doing SIF trials then he wouldn’t need to know about seatpost lengths… so let’s assume he is doing SI trials.

Just buy the 400 and cut shorter. If you’re doing seat-in-front trials, you want the seat to be at a medium-high length. If you’re doing seat-in trials, you want a low/low-medium seat length.

If you aren’t already doing SIF (seat-in-front) trials, I’d highly recommend learning it becasuse it signifigantly improves how high you can hop.

eh, just get like a really long seatpost, and hack it off with a pipe cutter if needed… I have my seatpost really low, i dont do much SIF trials, but for what i do it works.

Wow this is strange… I answered his question perfectly in the first reply, and my solution has been repeated twice already :astonished:

yeah, well, mine said pipe cutter duh