Seatpost Clamp Review: Wolf Tooth

I’ve wanted to write this review for a while now. I’ve been pretty frustrated with seatpost clamps in general.

The UDC nimbus QR clamps, despite having two QR clamps loosens itself over time, the allen bolts are prone to stripping, and the QR levers are painful to use if you want to torque it properly.

Then I got a mad4one uni with the beefiest three-bolt clamp (pictured in gold). This was solid, but takes time and care to clamp properly, so that all bolts are tightened evenly.

Eventually, i replaced all my seatpost clamps with Wolf Tooth component clamps. They come in bolt and QR variety. I bought the bolt only ones, and they out perform unicycle-brand clamps I’ve had. It’s a single bolt that doesn’t strip easily, and it has a freely rotating thread, so pressure is applied evenly. It has never ever loosened, even after upds, and with the single bolt, adjustments are easy to make.

I suspect the salsa clamps, with the same design, would perform similarly, but i havent been able to get my hands on them.


Weirdly enough I had a WT clamp (QR) and it ended up stripping as I couldn’t get it right enough. It was a well made clamp and I assume it was an error on my part. They gave a full refund though.