Seat whip?

So a while ago I thought of this trick its like how dan H swings the frame around on the table in U2 but with no table. So I tried it with pathetic results and I just found pics of someone doing it in yoggis gallery. How many people have landed this?

Thats a very cool pic…

I would say the first question would be, has Yoggi landed it? (or whoever that is, it doesnt look like yoggi)

yeah i saw that pic in the gallery, is he just jumping and whipping the seat? it looks more like a pogo style trick to me, like he jumps on the seat

I doubt that would be the case. That would ensure almost imeadiate breakage dont you think?

I remember someone once posting about how they learned to hop on an ultimate wheel, then learned to hop with the seat on the ground in front, and was planning on learning to hop forward over the seat, so they seat would be on the ground in back. that would be reeaally hard, but yeah, it seems kind of similar to the one pictured above.

Now, wouldn’t that have been a better image at the end of the film, ET?:smiley:

That is freakin insane!!!

I’d like to see a vid of that. I am trying to build up to a seat whip in the air (air whip?).

That wasn’t me, but I’m at that point.

i can almost do that :smiley:

I can hop an UW…I cant do THAT…

I dont get how he would hop that high without the seat, I dont think i can even hop that high holding the seat. Does he grab the tire with his legs or what?
Here is another pic that I didnt have time to post yesterday:

you could hop seat out then just drop/push the seat.

I would assume that you’d jump seat out really really high and shove the seat down hard…

i didnt say anything about the seat coming back up:p

He started dragseat in back (or front) and then he jumps and the seat goes under the uni to dragseat in front (or back)

that would b a sweet trick

so easy Ive done it naked

so when he hops does he grab the wheel… cos ive tried that, the wheel goes off axis if you got nothing to hold it straight.

yep thats wut he does

when I do it, I squeeze my feet together on the rim/tire area.