Seat technology

Well, this weekend I finally built up a nice seat for my Telford. It’s made to
David Maxfield’s specifications from a carbon fiber base, with one 12" tube in
an air pillow (thanks to Chris Reeder) first, then a layer of gel, then a wide
layer of open-cell foam to smooth it out. I think I made it a little too tall,
so plan to redo it with more of the seat cover under the back bumper, but
overall it is fantastic. This one will go on my Coker and I’ll make another as
soon as my yellow seat cover arrives. Thanks to you guys for the help/ideas/air
pillows! Also thanks to Roger for making the base and Unicyclesource for
distributing the bases and Roach covers.

Actually it’s pretty comical how complicated this seat was. But I don’t
suppose anyone has time to make these up and sell them whole - sure would be
nice though.

I did a beautiful ride yesterday with John Foss, Bronson Silva, and my son Beau.
2 1/2 hours, and there wasn’t a hint of even starting to begin to think about
discomfort or soreness. The real test however would be a long Coker ride.
Yesterday, there was lots of climbing standing off the seat. But the downhills
were really nice.