Seat/Saddle for Coker

which seat/saddle should i get for my coker?
I need one because when i got it it came with a viscount and i don’t like the viscount seat at all…
so which seat should i get for my coker?

There only ONE choice! 2007 KH fusion freeride!

Yeah the KH fusion is pretty safe.

I slit the cover open down the middle to expose that channel, so now it’s really is comfy!

yeah thats what i was thinking…but i wasnt too sure…
does it take a little bit to break in or is it plain soft?
Has anyone modified their KH Fusion Freeride to make it softer, if so wat did u do…

Its allready plenty soft…

I have one and love it, its what I rode at moab this year.

I’ve have the Nimbus Gel and the KH Fusion on my two distance unis. I’m not sure which I prefer at the moment, but the Nimbus also has a T7 which boosts its comfort somewhat. I think they’re both good saddles though; as always it depends a bit on the shape of your rear end.

Any comments from users of the latest Scott Wallis seats?

a little of topic but is there any way of buying just the handle for a saddle? its the crappy viscount seat.

i would buy the entire seat, but im saving for a whole new unicycle (either KH 20", or torker DX) which will already have an alright seat.

Yes. sells just the KH handle by itself. I just checked UDC AU and they only seem to have the KH Freestyle front bumper which isn’t a handle at all. You might have to order it from one of the other UDC outlets. The KH handle can be fit on the Viscount with some fiddling and drilling. Others have done it.