Seat post

I need to know where I can get a taller seatpost for my K1. I don’t want a cheap one like this, but if its the only one then o well. By the way I have an Orange bud frame if that helps.

And before anyone pulls the “Use the search function nooob”, I already did. - crmo – kh reinforced.

tryall make 250mm seatposts for their reinforced and pit fighter, but if you want longer get the nimbus crmo 27.2mm thats 350mm and lot stronger.
the KH reinforced is 350mm and is same kind of strength as the tryall reinforced.

But any 27.2mm seatpost will fit.

Guys I appreciate the links and all, but I live in the states and don’t wont to pay rediculous amount of $$$ for shipping.

You blame us for linking to foreign sites while you link to a French webshop yourself, the CrMo seatpost is a damn good seat post and it’s not like it’s not available in the US. Now you know what to look for. Good luck.

Sounds irritated, I’m not, can’t be arsed to make the post any nicer though :roll_eyes:

What? I’m not blaming anyone for anything, or for that matter getting mad on a computer like you are. I only linked that website b/c it was the only place I found a picture of it. Btw, its not arsed its “asked”. :roll_eyes:

  1. I explained I’m not mad at the bottom of the post, it just sounds terrible
  2. I said “I cant be arsed” and not “I cant be asked”

Now get the seatpost :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever bro, I guess things are just different out there in the netherlands.

This KH seatpost will work or you can just order a non-reinforced K1 seatpost from Renegade Juggling.

unislab, give a better location if you dont want this to happen :stuck_out_tongue:

and don’t get a non reiforced koxx seatpost. That will just snap in 5 seconds.

the crmo 27mm post is apparently out of stock on UDC US, maybe try bedfords, but its really not hard to find a 27mm seatpost, do a bit of searching on the uni shops u know