Seat post question

I have a cheap unicycle that I received from my grandpa, and I haven’t really stuck to trying to ride it until recently. Yes, I can now ride it, but I have grown, and the seat is not quite tall enough. I looked on and the traditional seat posts seem to all have the same diameter, although there are some with selectabel diameters. I do not know what brand or anything else about my unicycle; all I received was the uni and a stand. If I just get one without a selectable diameter will it fit my existing clamp? and will the seat mounting match up correctly? if not, what do I nee to know to buy the right seat post? I can mesure how tall it needs to be.

You will probably need a 22.2mm seatpost for a generic uni but just to be sure use a ruler across the top of the opening of the frame to check the inside diameter.


Well, I was just looking at it today and I saw that it had 22.2mm di. ingraved on it. I should have looked! thanks anyway!:smiley: :o