seat post help. 300mm or 400mm?

hi everyone! I have a question about seat post height.

The seat post i have is 300mm, but i have it all the way out, so if i pull my seat up one or two more cm, it would come right off of my unicycle. Should i get a 400mm for my next uni and have it at the lowest setting? or get the same 300mm and pull it out all the way? Also, im growing like a weed. every week im like half a cm taller, but if i get a 400mm, and i need to lower it, what do i do? And no, i don’t wanna cut it… i don’t think my knife is that strong :slight_smile:

thanks for the help


100 mm is only 10 cm difference in height. If you’re at the very end of your current seatpost of course you SHOULD get a longer one. How is this not an obvious decision especially if you are still growing. You’re certinaly not going to get shorter so you’re not going to have to worry about shortening it.

You also use a saw to cut metal not a knife

get as long as you can get, then cut as much of it off as you need.

you know what? you guys are right. im as stupid as a… well i don’t know. wow, i ask stupid questions. ok. im getting a 400mm then. haha, thanks for making me relize my stupidity :slight_smile: