Seat post cut - a stupid mistake

Hello all
I made a rather basic error and had my LBS cut my new seatpost - and I based it on the letters on KH’s all in one seatpost. Of course the post I was basing this off has the letters printed lower down then in the post being cut!

Yep really daft and I am kicking myself now as I shouldn’t have been in such a rush.

Anyway, it means that about 2” of post are in the frame’s stem (and fully clamped past the grove at the top) - however this is in a 36er with the saddle all the way down - at the lowest possible setting.

My question is - will this be safe to ride like this? Naturally I’d prefer it to have one more inch of seatpost in the frame - but I cannot face buying another post if I can help it. I’m presuming the forces on this use case are less given that the post in all the way down - but I wanted to check here. I do use a touring bar so I guess that may add it the strains but I cannot really see that a post 1 inch longer would improve in the set up’s ridgidity.

All advice gratefully received :slight_smile:

I’m sure I’ve got just 2” left of seat post in some of my Munis (when changing the cranks length/hole setting in the KH 127/150 cranks) and I’ve never had a problem so far…

2" sounds okay. I think the minimum insertion printed on most seat posts is closer to 3". I have been using less than the minimum insertion on my 26" Oracle. The seat post for the Shadow handle I use came in one size, and it’s barely long enough. I push and pull hard on my handlebars, and I have not had a problem with the interface between the neck and the seat post. Makes me a little bit nervous, however. Make sure your seat post clamp is tight enough and attached correctly (not sliding up the seat post).

Thanks so much for your replies :slight_smile:

Yep makes sense and I think I was overthinking this a tad too much. With this 36er set up and 2” of post well clamped in it must be fine.

Cheers for reassuring an overworrying unicyclist


2" is OK.

I guess we’ve all made that mistake in one form or another. I once cut my seat post to the minimum length I could get away with, to save weight, then a few weeks later, put shorter cranks on, raised the seat and…:o

I’ve previously read that you should always have double the diameter of the seatpost within the frame. Therefore two inches, or just over.

In the skills progression of many unicyclists, a few things happen to raise the seat higher. They learn to mount with the pedals in a more parallel position, making it easier to clear a higher seat, they incorporate the up/down motion of the hips into riding, they may progress to shorter cranks and they may adjust their foot positions slightly closer to the toe. I would prefer if the manufacturers made the necks on some frames a little bit longer, so there is more of a range of adjustment without having to cut – or buy a new seat post.

Making the frames taller would reduce the potential for shorter riders to fit on larger unicycles.