Seat post calmp for 05 kh frame ???

Im after a double or treble seat post clamp for my 05 kh trials and cant seem to find one that fits anywhere :thinking:
The Onza one dont fit and i tried Bedford but with no luck

Oh Whoops i meant Seat Post Clamp but you know what im talkin about

get a koxx seatpost clamp, I got one after my stupid KH clamp broke… its shexy.

Sweet who supplies dem

i know that sells them… they are in germany. dont know any others

Get the 24Bicycles Cockring, it comes in many diferent sizes and have 2 bolts.


Bedford Unicycles has many '05 KH clamps in stock.

Original 4mm single allen key
Real nice 6mm replacement single allen key
awesome Triple allen key alloy clamp
Silver or black quick release clamps too

All in stock ready to ship


stunt man

you can get them from most pushie shops,aslong as they are for an aluminium frame from a mtb that runs a 27.2 seat post,cause they make the alloy walls thicker

Just go to your LBS and buy a quick release clamp for 27.2 or bigger seat posts. It works well on my KH.

my kh trials seat clamp was really hanus, it didnt grip the seat post at all very well, and it ended up threading and just falling apart after 2 weeks of having the uni !!

so Guy from UDCA gave me a new clamp free of charge which is a Mr.Control clamp that they had custom made for unis, very strong but i dont know how u could get one :frowning: :thinking: