Seat out of position

I was riding along and had felt like jumping over an obstacle in my road so I attempted to, I anaged to clip the bottom of my tire and land with all my weight on the back of the seat. So i picked it up to have a look at it, The seatpost is fine and isn’t bent but the seat seems to be lobsided to the left… So I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and if so how can I fix it?

Here are two photos (they are not the best but my camera started screwing up before I could do any more)

Thx in advance

The only way I could see it being bent to one side is if ther seatpost is bent. You probably bent it at the weld and so it isn’t very evident.

Easy way to tell i it’s the seat or the post, unbolt the seat and bolt it on the post the other way round. If it still leans to the left it’s the seat, if it now leans to the right it’s the post.