Seat out hoping

I’ve been trying to learn to hop with my seat out but i’m finding it hard as shit. I have 3 problems with this method.

  1. Getting the seat out in front when hopping normally
    2)The seat rubs against my leg causing my leg to become sore and my back aching from leaning forwards.
    3)Keeping balance

If anybody has any solutions for these problems or tips they will be very welcome :slight_smile:

practise :wink:
soon you’ll be like “wtf, why did i ever find this hard?!”

Work on seat in front riding some too. That will help with your balance.

practise a lot…
a good way to practise are stairs…
jump on them till the top and down, when you can do that easy, go 2 by 2…

How fast is soon in hours using a conservative estimate?

Seat out hoping

Quit hoping and start hopping.

no idea, if you do nothing but SIF for 2 weeks then you’d be pretty comfortable doing it by the end

2 weeks :astonished:

what? if you’re mainly a trials rider then it’s only going to make you better, after that you’ll be pretty much using SIF exclusively anyway?
I dont get what your problem is :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why I like unicycling as a hobby. A person never runs out of things to do or accomplish. The only bad part is trying to explain to people why it takes so long to learn something that looks so simple. This is usually solved by letting them try to ride the unicycle. When they can barely stay on it even while using a wall for support they have a new found respect.

Drop your seat down to make it easier to pull out the seat, I dropped my seat way down on my 20" and now that I’m pretty much used to it, everything seat in and seat out is getting better WAY, it’s super easy to pull your seat out when your seat is low. I too am working on my SIF hopping, I can do it, but it doesn’t feel natural yet.

learn sif static

Yes I’ve found this works but it also makes you bend you back more when hopping and this does your back in after a while.

Just like Ali said, practice. Its not something you can spend an hour on and get straight away.
The best way to learn would be to ride exclusively seat out everywhere you can. practice sidehops seat out, even if they are only half the height of your normal hops, it will improve your seat out. One day it will click and feel natural, you probably won’t even notice it happening.

I love to ride natural trials on uneven surfaces because it helps improve your stability seat out. When riding trials I hardly ever sit on the seat.