Seat noise

When I twist the seat, while holding the wheel between my legs, it sort of clicks. The same click happens when i’m wheel walking or twisting my body on the seat. I don’t know what it is.

What type of seat is it? Twisting the seat side to side, up and down? What kind of seatpost are you using?

Is the clicking definitely coming from the seat?

•You might have cracked stiffener plate
•You could have a broken seatpost
•Sometimes your bearings will slide around on the axle/bearing clamps loosen up

Those are the possible things that could make sounds from “twisting”

A little more info will help.

Are you sure it’s the seat? After messing about with my 29er before riding it, I found it creaked, I thought it was from the seat, but it was the bearing clamps needing tightening up a bit.

Either way, I’d check the bearing clamps and the bolts in the seat.

Could be your knees.

My seat whistles when riding into the wind. It makes a sound like blowing over a bottle, and is obviously caused by the wind blowing over the openings at the top of the seat tube. I think that if I had a crank that wound me up and down, I could probably manage to whistle the National Anthem out of my ass. (Would that cause offense to anyone?)

I had the same problem with my kh20, it turned out i had my post to low

I have the fusion street gel seat, and the stock seat post that comes with the kh07.

What do you mean by too low?, because i’ve cut my seat post, and it is touching the crown when i tighten the clamp.