Seat modification ???

I have a KH Fusion saddle mounted on a KH rail/brake mount. I want to add a reeder handle.

  1. will the reeder handle work on a stock KH saddle?
  2. Will the reeder handle fit under the brake lever post?
    3)Do i need the gemcrest carbon seat frame?
  3. Does right-handed mean that i use my right hand to grab the seat vice/versa?
  4. Is the reeder handle very ambidextrous, as i use both hands equally?

Thanks for any info

as far as I know reeder handles are only made for Miyata seats, which have a different front bolt pattern than KH seats. Sorry, it won’t fit your seat. (As far as I know. Maybe they make 4 hole ones, but I don’t remember ever hearing about them.)

as for ambidextrousness: left or right does mean that you grab the handle with left or right hand. They’re not very ambidextrous at all, which is why they’re so nice.

  1. yes, but drilling out the plastic will weaken it.
  2. yes
  3. I would use one, i’m not sure how well the plastic base would hold up to the torque.
  4. yes
  5. no

reeder handles won’t bolt directly to any seat. you have to drill the bolt holes on the seat to connect it.

You’ll have to drill your own holes in the seat base… and probably the little metal plate that’s in there too. Make sure you grind down those two little plastic ridges that run long the bottom on the seat base so the handle sits level.

These handles are great for one hand, and terrible for the other.


I believe George Barnes was working on making some seat stiffeners for the KH saddle that are similar to the stiffeners he made for the Miyata saddle. The Miyata saddle stiffener has holes at the front to fit the Miyata handle, Reeder handle, and GB4 handle. All three handles have different bolt patterns to mount them. I would suspect that the KH stiffener would also have the same swiss cheese assortment of bolt holes for all the different handles.

You’re going to need some sort of additional stiffener support inside the saddle to handle the additional forces on the saddle caused by the handle and to keep the bolts from pulling through or spinning around.