Seat-in and SIF... best happy medium seat height for both in trials?

yo ive never been 100% on this before but im wondering what height people like Tom Pec, Ryan, Kris, etc… all set their saddles at according to their body?

Like, for example i love the feel of a high saddle for SIF, and it is so damn nice for balancing around with, but as soon as i need to go seat-in it feels like a piece of crap to cycle or do any seat-in hopping of any sort.

I realise that being a 100% SIF rider is not the way to go at all… u need both to be an amazing trials rider, just look at tom pec and gaby costes for example… the europeans are kicking ass.

I’d like a seat-height that is perfect for SIF hopping as well as being comfy for seat-in moves… like how Tom Pec runs his setup… What height is he if anyone knows?

Where abouts would a ‘happy medium’ seat height be in comparison to your body? Top of saddle just at groin height when it is stood next to you? Or what?

I think it will come down to preference.

I am 5’ 11" and from the bottom of the tire to the top of my saddle (measuring to the flattest part, cause that’s where I sit and my hand is for SIF) my uni stands 36" tall.

For me this is perfect for SIF moves and handling, and allows for comfortable riding, and all seat-in stuff too.

So my uni is about 1/2 the height of my body.

i do both sif and seat in, and I have found a height that I like. Sure, it is always nicer to have a higher seat for sif, but with a medium high seat you can get away fine.

my seat is the height where I can stand directly above my uni on tippytoes.

i have mine slightly lower than my waist…about 3 to 4 inches lower than my belly button…

whatever works for you
i have mine really high yet i can still hit 30+ up.
its hard on seat under hops
but my style has changed so much that it doesnt affect me much
different stuff work for different people
i can get higher on my uni with a high seat than i can on anyone others uni with a lower seat