Seat Help

It is about time to get one of two things replaced, but what I am getting replaced is what I need you guys to help me figure out.

My stock nimbus seat is very wobbly and makes bunches of squeaks every time I ride. When I go to jump, the seat kinda comes up with me about an inch before the unicycle actually lifts.

After doing some inspection to see what’s up, I noticed that there was a loose washer and nut. I tightened the nut to the saddle, and it helped a little, but it is still negatively affecting my riding.

Do I need a new saddle, or seatpost… or both?

I plan on getting a CF seatbase anyway, but would that solve the problem?

Any help is appreciated.

I bet the reinforcement plate in you saddle is broken, or more of the nuts are loose. Also your seatpost could be cracked and about to break at any moment.

I used to have to tighten the seat down on every other ride. I put a washer, lock washer, and locking nut on each bolt. It never loosens up now.

If everything is tight and your post is fine, get that cf base. In the meantime don’t do any drops and try to keep your hoping to a minimum until your base arrives.

Edit: If it’s the post and it’s steel, get it welded and I’d put a couple of reinforcements like the Pitfighter II. Then save for a reinforced Al post. Then use your steel post as a backup.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Carbon fiber base + new post = will solve your problem. If you are gonna get the seat base you might as well get a new post too.

You prolly cracked the stiffener plate in the seat base. If your seatpost did not break first, it usually happens close after. All the flexing the base is doing is stressing the hell out of your post.

Keep in mind you may have to invest in a new cover. However with all these parts combined, it will be the best upgrade you can do to our uni.

After doing some quick research on UDC, I can barely afford what I need, but its doable.

Are there any “sizes” per say, that a post must have to fit a frame, or will a KH post fit my nimbus frame?

Edit: As far as the CF base goes, would this be suitable? or is there a better styled base?

What frame do you have? I believe you will need either a 25.4mm or 22mm diameter post. So the KH post will be to wide.

And, yes that is the base you will want… you need to get the KH style so all your handles and hardware placement fits, as well as your foam cover and bumbers sit correctly.

It’s a stock nimbus street frame. I think its a longneck. Here. I havn’t done much at all to the uni with the exeption of putting it together…

So its gonna be quite an adventure putting the seat together.

You will need a 22mm post. Your post now is steel and may be okay, but it wouldnt hurt to get a new one.

Putting a seat together it pretty simple, just take your time with setting up the carbon fiber base, as in drilling and such. Also carefully take the foam and seat base apart, you do not want to rip your foam into pieces. There are great CF drilling tutorials on here.

One last question, and please don’t hurt me for this one, lol.

I just ran like 4 or 5 searches, and ran all through the tutorials section, and can’t find a CF Base drilling tutorial, or any tutorial involving a carbon fiber base at all.

If anyone knows off hand where on the forums a good one is, please let me know.

There is quite a good tutorial on


UDC is out of KH style CF bases till the 15th.

Anyone know where I can get one otherwise?

I have to get filming done for an end of the year school achievements thing we are having…

Do saddles have to neccessarily fit the posts?

Just curious, I am making sure that a KH saddle will work with a stock Nimbus post.

I want to be 100% positive I get the right thing.

You will have to drill the seatbase to the style post you use. Nimbus and KH have the same style 4bolt bracket, so the drilling will be the same.

Thanks once more, i’m all taken care of then!

EDIT: Sam, check your pms…

before you buy anything. be sure to tighten ALL of the nuts.

The ones on the seatpost and handle mainly.