Seat Height

How high should I have my seat to get good height on seat in hops?

I can’t hop higher then a foot seat in and when I lower my seat, I find it harder to hop SIF.

any other tips would also be great.

Oh and im 6’3"

It’s a toughie, as its all down to personal pref.

But, I’m not a seat-in rider, so I’ll take what a friend of mine does:

He’s pretty tall, around 6ftish, but has his saddle ridiculously low for his seatin and SIF hops (97cm and 107cm respectively). I think the low saddle helps greatly for seatin as it allows tons of movement and flexibility when jumping. It allows you to do mini-squats to maximize seat-in hop heights.

The top of his saddle is approx. in between his knee and his waist, when he is standing full height with the uni next to him. A little lower than groin height i’d say. It works for him for both seatin and SIF, so you could try it like that. Low seats for SIF work fine, it just takes getting used to.

You should test which seat height works best for you.
I’ve my seat very high(i jump seat in front) and i hate seat in and rolling hop. I don’t practise them, so they are worse, but you should play around with your seat height until you found the right one.

Too low = hurt back
Too high = hurt testicles

You just gotta find your sweet spot.

is your friend Ryan atkins?

if your seat is too angled it causes hurt testicles on rolling hops