Seat Height

Im new here and to Unicycling, i bought a Balance uni at a garage sale a few weeks ago and am trying to learn.

My first question of may questions is; what is the proper seat height? and is it better to learn wihh the seat lower or higher?

For learning id say have the seat at your tummy button height.


set your height so that the middle of your foot is just touching the pedal (leg straight) at the bottom of the pedal stroke

For seat height and ma(n)y more questions:, especially the little booklet that you can download from there.

For really early learning I think kind of a mid height. I found the middle of the foot almost straight leg height was too high when I was learning. That’s the highest you should have your seat. I call it ‘bicycle seat’ height because thats what road cyclists use.

I ride that height now on my 29"uni, but when I was learning I wanted to feel a little more connected to the pedals so my seat was lower.

On my 20" Uni I ride about an inch lower than on my 29". It’s what feels right for what I do on the 20" where again I want to feel a little more connected to the pedals.

You just have to experiment and find what works best for you. Belly button height is a good starting point.

It’s easy to change your seat height so take a wrench when you practice and experiment.