Seat handle

Where can I buy a seat handle like shown in this video? Round with a round knob on the end.

You can see it at 2:15 in the video. Thanks.

That looks improvised/hacked to me. The round knob at the end is probably a personalisation.

At one time I had a handle that was basically a tube angled forward, similar to that, and I made a small hole in a squash ball and stuck it on the end and secured it neatly with tape. Many people who have that stye of handle use a bicycle handlebar grip.

Use of a handle is a very personal thing. A good starting point is either the Nimbus or KH handle set up, both of which come with a T bar. Some people add bits to the T bar such as bar ends, some just use the T bar, and some cut the T bar down.

Other options are available, and if you search this forum, you will find at least one long-running handlebar thread.

Here is my hack. You need 3 mtb handle bar guards. These are found on most cheaper bikes. They are the little handles at the end of the handle bars. The first one is cut to length and mounted on the brake mount on the seat. The second on is your handle, depending on if you ride the muni with the right or left hand will determine which bar end to use for this piece. The 3rd one is cut to length and your brake goes on this one.

Thanks for the ideas.