Seat Cover Pattern ?

I’m buying an unicycle for my girlfriend for her birthday and she wants a tiger fur style seat cover. I’m thinking about doing it myself (more like her friend doing it :roll_eyes: ), but I have no idea what would be an ideal pattern for it. I remember seeing a good pattern with measurements on here, but I can’t find it.

So if anyone knows where it is or already has one, I’d really appreciate if you could post it here. If not, I’ll just try with my actual seat cover.

Thank you !

Yes, I’ve seen that thread too, thank you. :slight_smile: But I was really looking for the picture with exact measurements with all the different pieces…

What kind of uni are you getting for her Hugo? Sorry it was off topic.:o


koxx do loads of seat designs, theyve probably got a tiger fur style one

what would happen if you didnt get her the tiger fur seat?


You’ve gotta be kidding me!!

That would be rather warm…

My crotch sweats enough as it is thank you very much. :smiley: