Seat cover homemade?

Has or does anyone make their own seatcovers? i was looking at the design of the KH covers and got to thinking it would not be hard to make one of these in the colour etc of my choice, is it legal to copy the design?

and also if one cut the foam down on there seat they could make a whole new cover to fit.

Does anyone have any experience with makeing there own seat covers and what material etc did they find works best?

Imagine a nice big lambs wool seat cover :astonished:

Yes it has been done…Im sure that if you search the gallery you will be pleased with the results.

I think someone even uploaded the seat cover template. That would probably be a handy thing to find.

I believe leather is what the person used, but I do remember seeing a sheepskin seat cover not too long ago.

And that one guy’s red snakeskin distance saddle…whew, that thing is sexy.

sweet, thanks guys. I think i will make my own design just using the seat cover i already have. Now to head down to the shop and choose some fabric. Most hard wearing fabrics should be suitable i think. I will talk to the lovely knitting ladies at the shop and see what they think :slight_smile:

“What type of fabric would you suggest for a unicycle seat cover?”
“Excuse me?”

I made my LX seat (miyata-style) much more comfortable by removing bits of foam and inserting a cut-to-fit gel bicycle seat. It is honestly more comfortable than my Nimbus Gel seat.

I’ve made a template from an old KH cover. Just pull apart an old cover at the seams and trace out each panel onto a separate piece of paper.

When you make yours, make sure to leave about 1/2" space at the edges for seams… not too much or the cover will be sloppy.

As for securing the cover, the Fusion style lacing tends to tear through fabrics unless the channels are properly reinforced (sadly, not even the Fusion is reinforced).

A gusseted row of holes on either side of the cover would work much better than the Fusion design; it’d look like shoelaces once it’s all tied up. To accomplish this, you’d need to leave a good 1 1/2" strip along the bottom of the cover and double it back.

I’m making a cover of this variety and once I’m happy with the design I’ll throw up a thread with the patterns and some instructions.

As for fabrics you’re going to want to look for 1000+ denier nylon. It’s used to make motorcycle jackets, snowboard pants and other things designed to handle lots of abrasion. It’s a heavy fabric and requires a heavy needle (such as a denim needle) to sew. Make sure to use a heavy thread as well.

i made one for a koxx seat (velo plastic base)