Seat Conversion ?

I have a 20 inch Schwinn and a 6 foot Savage.

I’m considering trying to convert the seats to gel.

Is it worth the trouble?

How about the inner tube conversion?
Does that work well?


If the Savage giraffe has a Savage seat (a chromed, steel wire bumper from and back) you could improve it by removing it and replacing it with a brick or the blade from a circular saw. I have recently seen new Savage giraffes in bike shops with what appear to be United saddles. What gel seats did you have in mind? Does the Schwinn have an airseat on it? Is it a rubber cover that comes off easily? If so, an inner tube can be stuffed in there and a hole drilled in the seat base for the stem.

Airseats are generally used for long distance riding. Neither a giraffe nor a 20" is particularly well suited to that. I have a 6 foot SemCycle giraffe with a Schwinn/Sem style airseat on it that is quite comfortable but I’ve never ridden it more than 3 miles at once.