Seat comfort

I’ve returned to unicycling almost 2 weeks ago, and I’m practicing every day. I’ve ridden a bit over 10m in that time. I bought a 20" torker low end so my kids can learn, and they’ve begun to learn. The seat, however, is very uncomfortable for me. It’s slightly better in bike shorts. Assuming the kids persist, I’ll be buying a second (or more) unicycle so we can ride together. I’m thinking 24" or perhaps bigger, but in any case with a more comfortable seat.

Stores I’ve found don’t stock seats or bigger unicycles, so I can’t try them. I live NW of Boston and, checking online, I can’t find a unicycle club nearby.

Local Club here in Eastern MA.

Steve, I run a local club here in eastern MA. We ride Lynn Woods and the Fells Mostly, but I have been riding urban settings lately. PM me off line and I can get your e-mail address and put you on the e-mail distro list. About 25 in our group now, all ages, and all experience levels. :slight_smile: