Seat Clamp?

Hey, if I have a 22.2mm seatpost which seat clamp do I want a 22.2 or a 25.4. This is the seat clamp I plan on buying-
Thanks, Joe

it is set up so the same number applies for an entire setup.
although if you measured the clamp you get the ID would be bigger than 22.2

Do you think that seat clamp should hold up pretty good. Does anyone have it that can give a review.

Yeah I have one of those on my 29er, dpends what you’re doing but they’re perfectly good for moderate riding.

taking a guess on the fact it is a quick release… no
i would get a primo clamp.
the salsa wuick release is supposed to be good but i don’t think they make 22.2

Whats wrong with quick release, they look pretty convient to me. And no way am I buying a salsa there like 25 dollars.

they dont hold the seat in place as tightly

haha…Well if you’re doing trials, they are no good at holding the seat straight. Even my bolt seat clamp doesn’t always hold it straight. They are convenient though. Convenience with actual holding power comes at a price, however, namely $25.

And if you want something cheap + decent, get this.