Seat clamp questions

Is it normal for a quick release seat clamp to become defective after literally 2 months of use? (I was learning on it, so the uni fell a lot. Could this contribute to the damage?) It was a fairly high quality seat clamp too…

Or is it actually defective?

Essentially, I realized today that while the clamp was able to support the post for someone my height, I couldn’t loosen it to get the post lower… I tried loosening the nut, but it was really tight… After a bit of brute force twisting, I got the whole clamp off. That’s when I realized that clamp part (that goes around the seat post) has become really tight in its natural position, and I can’t even slip it back on without quite a bit of force.

The thing is, I think the clamp still works, since it loosens and tightens when I move the arm, but it just won’t slip on anymore.

Time for a new clamp? Tips on how I might avoid doing this in the future?


if it’s a cheap stamped steel clamp, it’s not unheard of. I use clamps like the Primo Slim, or about any clamp the apropriate size on this page: then bike parts, then seat post clamps.

the cheapo quick release clamps that most unicycles come with are not verry good, and don’t even tighten up properly
go to your local bike shop and get a better one.
or idealy stopusing a quick relese and get a proper seat post clamp like the ones at danscomp.

Another possibility is user error. I did this when I first got a uni with a quickrelease. I thought you had to tighten it as much as you could before flipping the arm. Actually, you just need to spin the bolt enough to close the clamp and let the flipping of the arm do all the tightening.

The way I did it, I was significantly over-tightening and I ended up squishing dents into my seat post.

Re. Seat post clamps

Same here with me guys. I had a dreaded screw clamp which came right off completely. I replace a quick release clamp and I was amaze the clamp stayed in the same position without fail.
“SUZUE” Quick clamp was the right thing to do what the guy sold me at a sports-bike shop and he knew what I was talking about.
I told him exactly what I kneeded. He had several but he recomended this one on his uni without fail. It pays for a good quality clamp and I will lookout on any of my future unicycles, Look at the clamp first. My No.1 rule to look first.