Seat advantages

I like Joe hodges like to ride my seat low, but I havnt been able to experiment much, do most people ride with their seat high, or low, what are the advantages/disadvantages, where do most people ride it? Why? For street tricks what is the easiest, higher or lower? “For Jumping Higher” what is easiest, Joe Hodges does it seat low. Fabian rides his high? Whats the difference in how it helps or takes away?

For unispins, I think that a higher seat makes them easier. in trials, you can’t get full leg extension if your seats to low. that’s what I think.

I have a very low seat, becuase I hop seat in. But I’m thinking of starting SIF, that’s why I’ll highten the seat. High seat is also easier for pedalling

Yes i find its easier to unispin when your seat is higher…Right now i love my seat level not too high but not to low and its a my hips…I reccomend that. :smiley:



no low, you silly!

low is too streetish, I guess its what kind of riding you do…For me I like it at my hips.

24" trials, its low

Set properly (that’s high, as per a bicycle) for riding from one place to another.

A bit lower for Muni or anywhere where you might need to be out of the seat for some of the time.

Even lower for “tricks”.

ya but thats because its a bigger wheel if your on a traditional trials unicycle which is 19" you would not want it that low.

I have used a trials and it felt right low, depends on your style at the end

Yes my preference is at my hips and yours is just low. Problem solved.

there never was a problem! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know but we were disagreeing on each othere opinion…:slight_smile:

That was just about the dumbest argument that I ever saw. An argument over something that wasent an issue.

silly humans

low looks trialsish, street riders usually ride bit higher than trials riders and muni ride lower than distance and freestylers some of them ride insanely high!

But it should be wot ur comfortable with, i used to ride real low (trials) but then i learned SIF and then its nicer to ride abit higher cause then u dont hurt your back and its nicer to yank the uni up from a not so crouched position.

Just do what you like!

if you havent had time to experiment then experiment dont post a thread here, just go out and ride and try!

Hey, I was bored… my fellow human :wink:

Ya i do SIF so maybe thats why i like it at my waist I do agree that if your doing SI a low seat is really nice

not uh…it was an ISsue!!! jk.
Well I do a lot of street, but for jumping height whats the best?