Searching for users

In the desktop version, i can type a username and find the account in the search preview.

When i execute the search, i find no users in the results and even in the advanced search i find no function to search for users.

In the mobile version, there is no such preview and hence I’m nearly unable to find a user. The only way would be to find posts of this users in the search and then klick on his avatar. (Ok, I an also find any user I want in my admin dashboard, but not everybody is admin.)

Am I missing something, or is there really no proper way to search for users in the mobile view?

Write @ before the username:


Note that the search container is slightly glitched at the moment when looking for users this way. this is a known bug that Discourse’s team is working on.
So the list only shows 3 results, additional results are hidden. But if you know the full (or almost full) username, you can type it in and find the user I guess.

Another way is to go to the user page from the hamburger menu:


edit: In case I misunderstood your question, if you’re looking for posts from a certain user, the @ way is the method to use.

@Canapin in the search will show all my posts.

You can also manually add the name in the proper advanced search field:


Great, thank you

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