Searching for UPHILL uni videos


I’ve been searching for unicycling videos (youtube, etc.) to find the UPHILL riding - regardless if this is muni, street race or whatever: the only criterion is UPHILL. But I’ve found almost nothing!
So if you know uni videos which contain uphill riding, could you please post the link or info?

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Anton

there’s not much uphill, i’m guessing because there are no Gears, but Terry (unigeezer) has some uphill clips of MUNI that you might be interested in.


Here is an older uphill race video with a little unicycle footage. See you there if your are up to it in Sept. 2009.


Maybe majority of (m)unicyclists prefer downhill - but there are threads in forums with questions about uphill, there is uphill discipline at different kind of competitions (e.g. unicon), there are uphill street races, etc.
So, there is uphill unicycling - but where are the videos about them?

Two examples from the world of the street hill climbing:
Lode De Paepe who climbed Mont Ventoux (elevation 1912 m) 4 (four) times in one day - riding unicycle:
and similar uni-hill-climber:

Another example from muni hill climbing (unfortunately just fragments in the tutorial):

So again, I am trying to find videos which contain uphill riding with unicycle - regardless of the type of unicycle, terrain or elevation.

Thank you Joe. I needed some time to realize that Joe M… in the footage was actually you.

Well I’m planning on entering the “Cycle of the Sun” in MAui next August! It’s 36 miles all uphill with 10,000 feet elevation gain! How’s that for uphill? Aspen Mike has done is, but I don’t know of anyone else. HE had/has a marked advantage for high altitude riding, given that he lives and rides regularly in Aspen, CO! If I do it, and succeed, I may be only the second, and also the oldest to have conquered the volcano! Btw, I will be happy enough to finish, but I will try to at least match ot beat Aspen Mike’s 6 hour time if I can! :slight_smile: And there will be a video! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to see the video. Good luck with Haleakala.

Why would you want to see uphill?

It sounds boring to me :stuck_out_tongue:

take a Downhill Muni run and put it in reverse… Tootloo!

For me is a challenge to improve my uphill riding technique. So watching uphill videos is a pleasure and opportunity to learn something new.

Many areas of the life (and unicycling) could be boring if we treat them superficially. But if we invest enough effort and interest in some activity we will find hidden beauty in it.

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Makes sense I spose.

Yeah the biggest problem with watching Uphill Uni stuff, is that videocams tend to drastically “flatten” out the actual steepness of any given hill, whether it’s paved or offroad. There’s just no way anyone can really appreciate just how difficult and steep a given grade might be unless you’re actually there in person.

This one particular short clip I made about a year ago comes close to giving the viewer a sense of the steepness, because there’s a mtber in the video, who’s seen pushing his bike up this steep little section:

You’ve seen similar vids to this? Then post the link!

It’s an example of muni uphill riding from unicon 14.

Almost one minute of hi-def muni uphill race from Unicon XIV:
Video by Nathan Hoover - Unicon XIV, Copenhagen, Denmark 2008

Short hill climbing …
Video by Nathan Hoover - Unicon XIII in Switzerland, July 22-Aug 6, 2006

George Peck uphill

George Peck - The man who inspired many.
More info:

That one was awesome. Nice and old school. Great song too, I love all the Jaco Pastorius stuff.

This videos are great, but I’d like to see some newer tecnical muni climbing vids. Please post if you know any. Thanks! :slight_smile: